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The latest twitter portrait of Tallulah, a loveable American bulldog, has finally made its way home to New York. Hope you enjoy these great unveiling pics courtesy of Jenah (@parrisreddog on twitter), “Lulu’s’ owner.

American bulldog dog portrait by Aimée Hoover

Is this for me??

American bulldog dog portrait "Talullah" by Aimée Hoover

Ah, c'mon...just check out that expertly packed shipping box.

American bulldog dog portrait "Talullah" by Aimée Hoover

Hmmm...this looks familiar.

American bulldog dog portrait "Talullah" by Aimée Hoover


 It is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Like stunningly so! I think I forgot how good your work is, and then for it to be our Louie! (Tallulah = Lulu = Louie!) I just can’t wait to get it! Thank you so much! My husband is unbelievably impressed too! We really love it! – Jenah

American bulldog dog portrait "Talullah" by Aimée Hoover

Either Tallulah approves of the portrait or the camera guy's holding a cookie.

American bulldog dog portrait "Talullah" by Aimée Hoover

Awww....love this shot.

Thanks, as always, for your interest in my work. Next portrait up on this blog will be of a sweet Golden retriever named Teva Jo…so stay tuned!


For more information on custom portraits, please visit my online gallery at www.aimeehoover.com.


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Tallulah | 16in x 16in | May 2010 | Acrylic on canvas

Meet Tallulah! She’s a sweet American bulldog and was the winner (along with her human, Jenna) of last December’s twitter portrait contest. Yes, it’s taken me over five months to get to her, but Talullah is finally finished. A big thank you to all my tweeps, especially Jenna, for your patience!

Here’s her portrait being created, step by step….

As always, grid goes in first thing

Initial sketch of Tallulah (aka: Lulu)

Going over the initial sketch with black paint

Doing some color blocking as the underpainting

Throwing down some initial highlights

In the zone and forgot to take photos between this step and previous ; )

Getting close, but need a warm background color...hmmmm....

Pinkish orange it is...but still needs some more detail

Tallulah | 16in x 16in | May 2010 | Acrylic on canvas

Thanks, as always, for reading. And to check out all other eight twitter portraits winners, please click here. Interested in having a portrait of your own? Please check out my website below, or poke around on this blog and shoot me an email.



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Whaddah year
When I held the first twitter portrait contest back in March of 2009, it wasn’t a portrait giveaway, per se. It was just a request for dog photos for a little painting experiment I was conducting. I wanted to see if I could paint a dog “study” in 140 minutes.

Just one of my new followers sent me a photo. Needless to say, he won.

But my experiment quickly morphed into a monthly custom dog portrait give away on twitter, resulting in 2300 followers, some nice press from my fav dog magazine, and a whole other portrait contest on the Bonnie Hunt Show. (Stay tuned for that!)

But there’s more
One of the best things that’s happened as a result of the contests is that winners have “paid the freebie forward,” per the contest rules which requires doing something nice for someone (or something) else. My wonderful winners have dontated to the ASPCA, given away custom artwork themselves, and even helped to raise funds for a rescue dog’s leg surgery.

And the other best thing is that I have made some great new friends I wouldn’t have met otherwise: friends with a wicked sense of humor and a love for animals as strong as my own. That’s worth 9 free paintings in my book. Heck, that’s worth 50.

So here’s a look back at all nine 2009 twitter portraits and winning photos. We’ll start with Makai, the first portrait winner, and end with Tallulah, who’s portrait’s coming soon!


Makai - Winner #1

Mackenzie - Winner #2

Cali - Winner #3

Speck - Winner #4

Lulabelle - Winner #5

Kingsley - Winner #6

maddie - Winner #7

Bud - Winner #8

Tallulah - Winner #9

Thanks as always for reading. Hope you are enjoying the fresh slate of the new year!

And every day for that matter…


Visit the online gallery at www.aimeehoover.com

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Congratulations…@parissreddog! You’ve won a free 140 minute custom portrait of Tallulah!

Tallulah submitted by @parissreddog

A note about why I chose parrisreddog’s photo
Unless you are a pro photog with great studio lighting, natural light works better 99% of the time for painted portraits. Tallulah happened to be that rare capture that fell into the other 1%.

I struggled with choosing her because her photo was not technically the best shot of the bunch (good gawd, there were many). And it was a flash photo to boot. But I kept coming back to her and I think that proves that this art thing is definitely not a science: she just had a certain something. I’m going to do a future post about it to try to explain the selection process better (thanks for the suggestion @Megan_VanTuyl) so stay tuned for that.

But in the meantime, on to the honorable mentions!

Honorable Mentions
(If you are on this list, email me your address: you get free postcards!)

“Best use of a wind machine”

submitted by @edmaceyko

“Best giving of The Face in attempt to win competition (it almost worked!)”

Submitted by @portraitgirl

“Best side saddle”

Submitted by @linzplaskett

And last but not least…

“Best impending malpractice lawsuit”

Submitted by @pupsthetraveler

A sincere thank you to each and every one of you who entered my contest. And to those of you who have entered more than once, you may like to know that this month’s winner has entered 3 or 4 times. So do not be discouraged! I plan to do at least two more give aways in the near future so follow me on twitter and you’ll be the first to here about it.

And many of you had the perfect shots for a great portrait, I just couldn’t pull them off within the 140 minute time constraint of the contest. So if you want to turn your fabulous photo into a custom piece of artwork, check out my online gallery www.aimeehoover.com and drop me an email.

Thanks for reading and happy holidays!


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That's Bud!

Bud’s portrait was actually delivered a day early and caught Dianne by surprise. She sent me these tweets before she cracked it open:


Then she grabbed a sharp knife and got to work!


Bud: A big dog biscuit?


The first flap pried loose!


At least one of them is happy it's not actually a dog biscuit.


Hey, that's my name.


One rip of that tissue paper and...



Hello Aimée!!

First of all let us say thank you so very very much!! We love the portrait!! We cannot believe our good fortune–to have such a lovely and personal work of art in our humble home. You are so very kind.

Mitzi (September’s free portrait winner) said that the portraits are even more beautiful in person and she was absolutely right! I was amazed when i saw the photo of the finished art online. I am even further amazed at the art in person! Our very own bud as a personal work of art! The work is gorgeous! And we are so happy and thankful!

-Dianne and Mark




Bud & Bud


And up it goes

The next contest
I hope to hold the next one some time in December. Like everything else at the end of the year, it’ll be here before you know it. So read up on the contest rules in the meantime and make sure you’re following me (@dogarteest) on twitter because that’s where I’ll announce the exact contest date.

And if you’re interested in having your own dog’s portrait painted, say, for Valentine’s Day, please take a stroll through my online gallery, aimeehoover.com and shoot me an email. I’d love to help you surprise someone you love…with a portrait of someone they love.
Thanks as always for reading.


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Here’s Maddie and her biped, Mitzi, unwrapping their new portrait!


Expertly peeling back the tissue paper while Maddie directs


Maddie: It's a gigantic ME! I'm a somewhat scared...


Awww, Maddie likes it! Or Mitzi has peanut butter on her chin.


Happy customer

Dear Aimee:

You are truly amazing! Words can not express the emotion that my husband and I feel looking at the portrait of Maddie. You completely captured her eyes which are the gateway to her wonderful soul and spirit. The photos of the painting don’t do it justice. It is much more beautiful and realistic in person!

From the initial drawing to the final painting your talents never cease to amaze. I could see that you captured Maddie’s eyes in your initial sketch. Since she is basically one color and I wondered how you would be able to make her look real or three dimensional…..and you were MORE than able to do that!

We will always cherish this gorgeous painting! I have and will continue to recommend you to everyone I know. You are a special talent and it is an honor to have one of your paintings in our home forever.

Best regards,


Tripple head tilt!


Doesn't get any better than this

(A big thank you to the mystery biped behind the camera for capturing these moments and sharing the unveiling with us. Nice work!)

The next contest…
I hope to hold the next contest some time in December. (The holidays are pretty hectic in the studio, so please excuse me for being deliberately non-commital.) In the meantime, why not read up on the contest rules so you’ll be all set to pounce when the contest date is announced. And since I’ll announce that date on twitter, make sure you’re following me (@dogarteest) so you’re in the loop.

And if you’re interested in having your own dog’s portrait painted, say, for Valentine’s Day, please take a stroll through my online gallery, aimeehoover.com and shoot me an email. I’d love to help you surprise someone you love with a portrait of someone they love.

Thanks as always for reading.


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October’s free, 140 minute twitter portrait winner is fini! This is Bud:


Bud's final portrait

I can’t lie to you guys. I went a little over the 140 minute limit…by about 20 minutes. But Maddie took about 2 hours even so I figured I had some rollover minutes from last month.

Here’s Bud as he developed on canvas, step by step….

arteest with bud

Zee dog arteest wondering how she's going to pull this one off (turns out she couldn't!)

bud_prog__0000_Layer 7

Initial sketch of grid and Bud


First strokes: Bud's outline

bud_prog__0000a_Layer 6

bud_prog__0001_Layer 5

bud_prog__0002_Layer 4

bud_prog__0003_Layer 3

bud_prog__0004_Layer 2

bud_prog__0005_Layer 1



A big thank you to Dianne (@louisebear2) who submitted Bud’s winning photo after reading about my contest on Bark Magazine’s website.

The next contest…
I hope to hold the next contest at the end of this month or in early December. The holidays are pretty crazy in the studio, so I hope you’ll excuse me for being purposefully non-commital. But follow me on twitter in the meantime and you’ll be first to hear about the next contest. You can also read up on the contest rules and be all set to pounce once the contest is on.

And if you’re interested in having your own dog’s portrait painted, please take a stroll through my online gallery, aimeehoover.com and shoot me an email. I’ll look forward to hearing from you and seeing pics of your cute pup.

Thanks as always for reading.


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